Kamis, Juni 10, 2010

Tripple A

Tripple A ? What's that mean ? A here are means : First, Agnes. Second, Anye. Third, AMI.

More details :
First AAgnes Monica is the main character in this time. Like I've said before on my post , Agnes Monica is Indonesian great actress yet singer. In her twenty-something , she's already made people claimed her as Diva in Indonesia. Not only collected the fame word in her own country, slow but sure she already receive the fame in others country like Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and even Korea. Think she's enough for those all those fame ? No. She's still on her way to reach more and more international recognition. All I have to do (well maybe all her fans got to do) is just wait and see, it's all about the time who will tell everything we need to know from her.

Second A. ANYE. I've posted about this one too, but it will be more words pictures now. I assumed all of you already know what ANYE is. It's Agnes Monica's clothing line which soon will be launch, you can keep update about when it will be launch by visiting the official web of ANYE. Here I'm about to say that there are more of the products you can pre-order, since I've post the clutch thing now I want to post about ANYE's new skirt pre-order. These skirts from batik and available in some different colors. Here are some sample :

this how you can pre-order those pants skirts, just email to anye.by.agnesmonica@gmail.com or for more details click here or here

Third A is for AMI 2010 (Anugerah Musik Indonesia), its an award for Indonesian Mucician which aired on RCTI about couple hours a go. Agnes was nominated for seven nominees and guess what, she won three awards on that night for Best of the best album, Best Pop Album, and Best Pop Female Singer. There were words she quoted from Bible while receiving the Best of the best album category 'Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity'

What a great 'A' right ? What do you think guys ?


Andhari mengatakan...

I may not be into her music but hats off for her struggle and her success!

nando.gino mengatakan...

Thats why I adore her, I love how the way she struggle for her success and thats really motivate me to get my own success.

Dorothy Souhuwat mengatakan...

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imtikhan mengatakan...

berkunjung mencari info terbaru dari blog ini
terima kasih

imtikhan mengatakan...

semoga sukses
terima kasih

parfum murah mengatakan...

rok nya bagus..

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