Jumat, September 04, 2009

Quote of the week #4

Its already friday, one day elapse from day I should post weekly 'Quote of the week #'. Like I've always said, better late than nothing at all, right ? So, lets begin, this week Quote of the week # from Agnes Monica twitter, due I following her twitter account, so I could read all her update-tweets on twitter.

She wrote on her twitter (about last Tuesday or Monday, forgot) "The enemy of being the BEST, is being GOOD... Never settle for mediocrity". Soon after read her tweets, I opened an online dictionary, and find what mediocrity is about (in bahasa it means keadaang yang biasa / sedang saja). What an undeniable words come from Agnes Monica, its so true, we have to set our best for our life to get the best.


atiknoe mengatakan...

i think we should not do the best but do the GREAT.. hehehe..

nando.gino mengatakan...

LOL,,yea-yea,,agreed. Do our great, thanks for the comment anyway, nice to know you and nice to have friend on blogging.

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