Jumat, April 10, 2009

yogyakarta and central java...

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On last September, 2008. I forgot the exactly date, but for sure its about early September after Ed Day. Me and my friend, Putra, go traveling Jogjakarta and Central Java (Solo, Klaten, also Kebumen)due to JogloRules (JR) Ed Day party.

Jogjakarta, we stayed at Dwi's house. Hanged out to Tugu Jogjakarta with Mincok, Dwi, Putra also my self. Smoked some sicha, eat food which sold on the street called 'nasi kucing'. Solo, stayed at JR base camp. Hanged out to Mall of Solo also eat some of 'nasi kucing'. Kebumen, stayed at house of Putra's uncle. Playing sand on the beach also swimming.

For truth, this was one of the craziest journey for me. 'Coz in this journey I got only about Rp 48,000 in my pocket. Thanks to God, my friend Putra proved his promise to treat all my needs. Well, thanks to Putra, my best friend.


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