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Finding beautiful ‘less-tourists areas’ in Jakarta ? It’s not that really hard.

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia with more than eight millions of people living in it’s largest city in Indonesia. Make Jakarta, one of the most sought place by foreign tourists. You can easily find foreigner walking on the main streets in Jakarta, especially in the tourist areas.

But, is it true that very hard to find beautiful less-tourists areas in Jakarta ? The answer is really a BIG NO. I’ve guide my friends from Czech and Dutchman, and they asked me to guide them to places that less tourists, and guess where I bring them to ?

I take the Czech to animal market on Jatinegara, East Jakarta. Near to Jatinegara train station, the market was quite dirty and crowded. It’s a street market that sells a lot of kind animals, from illegal to legal, from monkey to turtledove bird. After taking pictures couple of animals there, we continued our track to marginal area behind the train station, still in Jatinegara to see another side of this big metropolitan city.  Tourists in this area ? as far my eyes rolling, I didn’t find any other tourists in the area. Not even one (at that time).

A very big canal in Halimun, South Jakarta. You can get a very beautiful sunset here. I know it can’t be compared to those in Venice or Macau, but still it’s worth to see. You can get taxi or transjakarta bus to go to this place. Just stand on it’s bridge, or you can buy some food at the food stall there and eat while waiting for sunset. Don’t forget to captures some pictures !!

What else ? Monas, The National Monument, the most famous landmark in Jakarta, or even in Indonesia. Symbolizing the fight for Indonesia’s independence, you can’t miss this place. As a famous landmark, of course there will be lot of tourists come to this place, but then again, think smart. While most of tourists come to this landmark during the day, why don’t you come the opposite timing ? come at night. That’s what I did for my Dutchman friends. Foreigner tourists ? I don’t even see one, well except my Dutchman friends.

What about food hunting ? Try to avoid Sabang, Jaksa, Blok M, Kemang, Menteng and Kelapa Gading, too many tourists there. How about try delicious food in rawamangun, cempaka putih or the morning market that sells lot of cakes and snacks in Senen Market, I bet you’ll love the place, the food and not to mention the price ‘cos it’s cheap.

I would love to give hundred recommend places to share, but then again it will be such a novel than tips. The most important thing is try to contact with local people, you know, we are know better our place than you guys. LOL.


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Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal, so it will be helpful info for my works.

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Hey Nando, very cool blog! Thanks for your interest in contributing to Driftwood and Daydreams! I would love to feature you on my blog. Send in whatever you like, whenever you like as long as it's travel related. Email me at driftwoodanddaydreams(at)yahoo(dot)com. Hope to hear from you soon!

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