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Notebook or common called as laptop, seems like a must have gadget for those who are students or officers. Either we all need this thing for making homework from teacher, doing office report at home, or just upgrading our prestige. No matter what laptop do for us, it is unbeatable we do need it.

Various kind of laptop from different brand sold in malls, electronic shops, or via online internet. We can have it from the cheapest one to the highest price, with different specifications.

Talking about laptop, and talking about efficiency of energy. I want to share what I have know in order we can still use our laptop yet keep doing go-green lifestyle (yes, I called go-green as lifestyle, it’s because I’m proud doing this go-green things, I want make it as a style of my life, and will do as best as I can).

Well, back to topic. These are things you guys can do related to electrical energy savings :
  1. First, when you decide to buy a laptop, try to find a low electrical capacity. It will save your house electrical and of course will save your money.
  2. Always charge your laptop’s battery until it reach 100 % before you want to use it. It’s not   just save the electric,  it does save your battery’s life, not to mention, it saves your money too.
  3. Adjust the lighting and contrast of your monitor. Too high lighting and contrast percentage will  spend a lot of energy.
  4. Use a full black color as your wallpaper instead a colorful one also will save a lot of energy (it is believed to save more energy in CRT kind of monitor not the LCD one). Even a website powered by Google, which created by Heap Media fade to black with blackle. Blackle claims saving more than 700 megawatt-hours per year*.
  5. Turn off other equipment such as speakers, scanner or printer when you finished using them.
  6. Last but not the least. Add more RAM !! The more amount of RAM you have, the more your laptop will run better and it will surely make your laptop last longer.
Those are six things I have done with my laptop, which you can do the same to yours. Actually there are couple things more, like using energy-saving software program, but I have not tried yet, so I can’t say much.

From now on, let use your laptop go-greenly (greenly ? okay, I just made the word. I mean use your laptop wisely, it must be the proper word in dictionary). So, you can save your laptop’s life and the most important you save the energy. If I can do those things above, why can’t you ?


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shinta mengatakan...

tapi kalo dah kerja...wah lappy harus terus nyala neh

sonny mengatakan...

laptop bisa ngambil listrik banyak banget...haha

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