Senin, Januari 23, 2012

Like Light Life

"A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world," Paul Lynde.
A light for human life is like a food, it is really important to our life, as a torch to help our eyes can look around yet help us to be able doing things for our life. Can you imagine how it would be a life without light ? our life could be the coldest thing in the world. 

We can have light from from natural sources such as sunlight or moonlight, yet we still need additional light from lamp and talking about light and lamp, and what the conjunction with energy-efficient. Actually, here in my post, I want to share couple amateur tips for saving energy with lighting. Here are some of those simple ideas :
  • Optimize the use of natural lighting during the day, it is not just because the natural light nicer but it does more eficient. You can do this using translucent glass windows that can provide as much light as dozens of light bulbs during the daylight hours.,  you also can make the transparent translucent roof that radiates sunlight during the daylight hours.
  • Turn off all the lights just before you sleep, unless you are a  nyctophobia , it would bemore efficient if you turn off the lights before you sleep. More precisely, turn off all the lights when you are not using it.
  • Use the TL lamps or CFL (Compact Flourecent Lamp) and avoid incandescentlamps. Because incandescent bulbs are less efficient, a lot of energy convert into heat instead to the light. and the rated life of a CFL ranges from 8 to 15 times that of incandescents. In fact, you can save more than 100K rupiahs on your electric costover the life of the lamp*.
  • You can do task lighting** concept which widely used in office buildings, in to your home lighting concept. The basic concepts of task lighting is used to increase illuminance on the reading area. To your home, you can Install track of recessed lights to illuminate your desk or the kitchen table where you do the crossword puzzle, and keep the ceiling lights off.

Those are four ways of things you can do to save energy with lighting. Actually, there are still many ways you can do, like buying energy-efficient lighting equipment, installing energy-saving floodlights outdoor, and many more. 

The most important before you doing all those ways to save energy, make sure yourself that you really want to change. The thing before we change the world, we change the concept of ourselves. So we can like the light of our life.


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